• Samuel Chikezie Eze PG Student, Mechanical Engineering Department, FOE, ABU, Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria
  • D.S Yawas Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, FOE, ABU, Zaria Kaduna State Nigeria
  • E.T Dauda Professor, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department, FOE, ABU, Zaria Kaduna State Nigeria
  • C.O Izelu Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, COT, FUPRE Effurum, Delta State, Nigeria



Al-Mg-Si alloy, scrap aluminum profiles, eggshell particulates, response surface methodology, Design Expert software


In this study, Al-Mg-Si alloy obtained from scrap aluminum profile was reinforced with calcined eggshell particulates at varying particle sizes (25µm, 50 µm and 75 µm) and concentrations (1wt%, 2 wt% and 3 wt %) respectively. Data generated from series of experimental runs in which the effect of the factor  inputs such as eggshell  size and concentration had on the response variables (hardness, yield strength, modulus of elasticity, thermal conductivity, impact strength, density and corrosion rate) of the Al-Mg-Si/Eggshell particulate composite material were recorded The response surface methodology, based on central composite design of experiment, was used and the analysis performed in Design Expert 9 software environment. Regression models were obtained and evaluated for the response variables as functions of the selected factors. The optimal settings of these factors required to either maximize or minimize the response variables were also determined. The result showed that  the optimum setting of the factors ‘A’ (ESP size) at 25 µm, and  ‘B’ (ESP Conc.) at 1wt. %, would maximize H to a value of 34.876 BHN, YS to a value of 38.163 N/mm2, ME  to a value of 23729.405 N/mm2 TC  to 54.672 W/m.oC,  and IE  to 15.218 J while minimizing D to  a value of 2623.058 Kg/m3 and CR  to a value of 0.921 MPY respectively with desirability of 0.940332,  0.363653, 1.00, 0.516979, 0.519945, 0.37036 and 0.916263  which occurred within the selected design space.


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