• John O. Ugwu Department of Agriculture Federal College of Education, Eha Amufu




The present study examined farmers' motivation in the period of security uncertainties based on farming anxieties. Two hundred and twenty-five farmers recruited from farming communities of Enugu State, Nigeria, completed a self-report instrument intended to ascertain their motivations relative to continuing farming activities in the perceived insecurities. A cross-sectional design was employed in the study. Data from the respondents were analyzed using the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS, Version 23). Simple regression was run to test the main hypothesis that farming anxiety would predict farmers' motivation. The analysis demonstrated a statistically significant effect of farming anxiety on the farmers' motivation F (1,223), 21.31 P< .05, with the R2 indicating the independent variable accounted for 12.8% of the variation in farmer's motivation. The present finding contributes to the agricultural literature by revealing farming anxiety as a potential determinant of farmers' low motivations and the increasing low food production.


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