Investigation of the Effects of Hydraulic System on Loading Speed and Fuel Consumption in Forklifts


  • Halil Cetin Burdur Mehmet Akif ErsoyUniversity, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Machinery Burdur,Türkey



Hydraulic pump, Double pump, Tandem pump, Lifting system, Steering system


In this study, the effects of hydraulic systems on lift speeds and fuel consumption of diesel forklifts were investigated. Well-known forklift models produced on the subject were examined.Literature review was done on the subject. Forklifts usually with the help of a single pump, the driver steering and lift hydraulic system is working.In our project, as the original value, two separate pumps are used for steering and elevator.In this way, during the operation, the steering is not consumed power. This extra power, which is not used for steering, increases the lifting capacity of the fork in the lift during load lifting. The hydraulic working system of our model is shown in mathematics and physics. Also with solidworks, we found the capacity values for fork lifting. The load lifting capacity values of the hydraulic system of our prototype model and the other hydraulic systems of the equivalent models were explained. The performance of our model seems to be quite good in terms of its load-bearing capacity, among other models that do not apply a dual hydraulic system. The design and construction of our model was completed and performance tests were performed. It is also possible to apply the tandem hydraulic system to other forklift models.


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