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The development of electronic publishing and the dissatisfaction with academic journal price escalations has led to increasing support for the open access model (also called the author-pays model), where authors pay for submitting and/or publishing their articles, while readers can access published articles at no charges via The Internet. There are open-access journals covering all fields and open-access publishing currently represents approximately 5% of the total market for academic journals. The main argument in favor of open access is greater dissemination of research findings, whereas the report expresses concerns that an author-pays model may induce authors model induces authors to publish less because of problems of affordability. Authors and institutions with insufficient funding are eligible for a full or partial discount, provided his or her article passes our independent and rigorous peer review, allowing everybody to benefit from open dissemination regardless of their funding situation.

The pricing spectrum in the NN Publication is under regular review and is subject to change. We set prices based on the following criteria which are applied to open-access articles only:  

Manuscript Type

Article Processing Charges




Regular Articles




Special Issue Article





There are no refunds or cancellation of charges if the author decides to withdraw his/her manuscript from the journals. The author must notify the publication house with the consent of all the co-authors before the acceptance of the article. After accomplishing the final stage of publication, if an author decides to retract the published article, charges deposited will not be refunded as per the policies of the Publication House. There are no charges for the submission of the article in N N Publication. If any researcher wants to retract the article, charges will be applicable.

In the event of clashing views regarding the research or demeanor of the author, valuing your privacy the Publication House has complete rights to retract the article officially and No refunds will be provided to the author.

In case, the article has been published and there is a breach in the research or the conduct of the Author, N N Publication has all rights to retract the article and no refund will be provided due to copyright claims.

In case, if the author mistakenly pays more charges than publication fees, a refund is available.

We may make changes to our services, and associated terms & conditions (including terms and conditions on refund and cancellation), from time to time. Before availing our services, you are advised to refer to our latest terms and conditions on this page and the associated product/service-specific terms and conditions page. 

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Publication charges Print Copy of journal:

 $500 per print copy including Postal charges.
Print copy charges include the following items:

- Print copy of issue requested. 
- Print copy of publication certificate (optional)
- Shipping charges
- Packaging charges