Call for Papers

N N PUBLICATION is delighted to deliver premier quality publication services over 7 years. An independent publication house opening doors for all the newbies and experts in the town. We are globally known for our fast and quality-centric publication process.

 Listings mentioned below are currently outstanding Call for papers for forthcoming special issue. We provide DOI to all published papers for better citation and indexing.

 All the scripters are guided to submit their scripts with the journal, following the submission guidelines.  

We strictly recommend authors to submit one article to one journal at the same time. All authors are advised to visit the Author Guidelines section for information regarding the preparation of manuscript.

Initial submission: 1st  every month

Submission acknowledgement: Within 24 hours

Preliminary Review: 1-2 weeks

Peer Review time: 2-3 weeks

Publication: Last date of every month

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