Review Process

Editorial review is the first and most vital screening of the manuscripts submitted by researchers considering the whole affinity of the scientific quality of results. Submission of that work, either which has not been published before or which is not under consideration for publication anywhere else. After Evaluating the content, recommendations are made in the view of whether the quality is satisfactory for publication abiding COPE ethics.

NN Publication follows double-blind review process. Reviewers are not aware of the authors’ identities and the authors are not aware of the reviewers’ identities ensuring the level of quality remains unmatched before acceptance. The review process is conducted by the acknowledged experts in the field.

COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) is committed to educating and supporting editors, publishers and those involved in publication ethics with the aim of moving the culture of publishing towards one where ethical practice become a normal part of the publishing culture. Our approach is firmly in the direction of influencing through education, resources, and support of our members, alongside the fostering of professional debate in the wider community.

Over 20 years, COPE has grown to support members worldwide, from all academic fields. Our members are primarily editors, but also publishers and related organisations and individuals. After a period of consultation with the Trustees and Council, and feedback from our members, the Cope strategic plan was developed to guide the organisation and its activities.

Authors are requested to submit their manuscript according to the publication house parameters  for accomplishment of manuscript publication. Please visit Author Guidelines for further information on submission parameters.

The practice takes 4-6 weeks depending on the domain & research methodology.


Ultimate Decision is made by the Chief Editor of the respective journal. NN services plays no part in the conclusion. Editorial Board considers all comments provided by the experts accounting all information of authors as confidential.