About Us


N N journals are the initiative of N N publication. We are an inventive and worth-driven organization in the business of publication. An unbiased platform for emerging and unexplored cores. We simply aim to give authors the chance to publish research. We are a small community collaborating with authors and editors to add value and visibility to their research and ideas. All articles submitted should be original work and must not be under consideration by other publications. The publication is subject to peer review.

9 years of steady growth, and a reputation for excellence in publication. Maintaining confidentiality of every paper over years. We offer services in double-blind peer-reviewed journals with open online accessibility. We streamline every regulatory research and analyze the workflow to ensure transparent publications. Affirming Google scholar indexing with DOI and Crossref appendage. We are presently based in India and moving in the direction of taking over the brand strategies. We have been capable to deliver services by working remotely and we pride ourselves on stating that Over the past 7 years, we have been capable of delivering high-quality journals, and maximum customer reachability.