Publication Ethics

  • Journal of Advance Research in Business, Management and Accounting (ISSN: 2456-3544)
    • Based on Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The publication of manuscripts in NN Journals by double-blind peer review is a distinct sign of recognition ensuring Data fabrication & Data falsification.

      • NN Publication follows all the best practices defined by the COPE (Committee of Publication Ethics) for editors.
      • Our journal is always ready to harvest the views and suggestions of authors and editorial board members to improve our journal quality.
      • To maintain the quality, we follow the double-blind peer reviewing methods ensuring the quality and fair policy of publication.
      • We always assign the reviewing process to our experts in the required field of the editorial board.
      • Following numerous processes, enhancing the accuracy and clarity of the research paper, and including the technical editing.

      Plagiarism policy

      All the articles submitted to this journal are checked for plagiarism using the comparison software from Turnitin. We allow up to 25% of plagiarism if proper citations are provided.

      Duties of Authors

      Originality and plagiarism:

      Authors should ensure that they have written and submitted their original works, and if they have used the work or words of others, then it’s appropriately cited. Publications that have been influential in determining the nature of the work reported in the manuscript should also be cited. Plagiarism takes many forms, from "passing off" another's paper as the author's own, to copying or paraphrasing substantial parts of another's paper (without attribution), to claiming results from research conducted by others. Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behavior and is unacceptable.

      Multiple, duplicate, redundant or concurrent submission/publication:

      Papers describing essentially the same research should not be published in more than one journal or primary publication. Hence, authors should not submit for consideration a manuscript that has already been published in another journal. Submission of a manuscript concurrently to more than one journal is unethical publishing behavior and unacceptable.

      The publication of articles in more than one journal is sometimes justifiable, provided that certain conditions are met. The authors and editors of the journals concerned must agree to the secondary publication, which must reflect the same data and interpretation of the primary document. The primary reference must be cited in the secondary publication.

      Authorship of the manuscript:

      Only persons who meet these authorship criteria should be listed as authors in the manuscript as they must be able to take public responsibility for the content:

      • Made significant contributions to the conception & design of the study
      • Drafted the manuscript or revised it critically for important intellectual content
      • Have seen and approved the final version of the paper and agreed to its submission for publication.

      All persons who made substantial contributions to the work reported in the manuscript but who do not meet the criteria for authorship must not be listed as an author but should be acknowledged in the "Acknowledgements" section after their written permission to be named.

      Changes in Authorship

      Removal / Addition in authorship:

      1. Request to add a corresponding author before publication of the manuscript.
      2. Request to remove a corresponding author before publication of the manuscript.
      3. Request to add a corresponding author after the publication of the manuscript.
      4. Request to remove a corresponding author after the publication of the manuscript.

      Initiating the process by following steps: 

      • Ask to provide a valid reason for changing the authorship of the manuscript.
      • We ask all authors if they agree on the change of authorship details. If all agree the authorship will be changed.
      • In the case of non-agreement, the article will be suspended until all authors agree to change in authorship details.
      • In case the article is already published and the author does not agree with the change in authorship, their institution will be asked to resolve the issue of their authorship if the excluded author wishes to proceed.